Where it all began...

Its coming up to 1yr since Platter Co began, so I figured it would be best to start this section with some details of the why & how it came to happen...

My beautiful friend Fifi was turing 40, and my other amazing friend Lou of http://www.onedaypa.com.au/ was in charge of getting this shindig sorted. Lou and I have worked together with events in the past, and once we saw the incredible table in the Ubu Gallery space (at the old Fyansford Paper Mills) there was only one option. To fill it with food.

Fifi's brief was pretty simple 'Colour, lots of pops of colour'. So we did.




I'd always loved being the one in charge of the food and whipping up a platter for friends in the past, so this was looking like the ultimate challenge/delight for me. And it was!!

Then post party - the feedback had me quite chuffed, so I thought...'Hey, maybe someone else may want me to do this?'. Within 48hrs I had the business name registered, a website, social pages and no idea what I was going to charge or how I would do it all.

And to now, I'm having so much fun!! 

Ubu - Fifi_2
Ubu - Fifis_Platter 3
Ubu - Fifis_Platter 4
...thankfully my photography skills have improved slightly ;)

...thankfully my photography skills have improved slightly ;)